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DMA2014 – Ice Cream and More!

With such a bountiful selection of ice cream flavors, there is no doubt that Ben & Jerry’s is one of America’s leading brands. Known for having creative ice cream names and famous ice cream flavors, Ben & Jerry’s has seeped into our culture.

In fact, Ben & Jerry’s have just announced two new flavors inspired by two classic Saturday Night Live Sketches ( Of course, this is not the first Ben & Jerry’s link to an SNL Alum – look what happened when Ben & Jerry’s launched the Jimmy Fallon flavor (

But to me, Ben & Jerry’s is so much more than an iconic cultural brand, it is also the iconic college-go-to ice cream on a Friday night. My friends as well as many of us around the world devour pints of Ben & Jerry’s to comfort loneliness, share with friends, or just give us the treat we deserve after a long day of work.

But did you know that Ben & Jerry’s original store was first opened in the location of a renovated gas station in 1978? The first franchised scoop shop opened in 1981, it was only a year later that they moved to Cherry Street in Burlington, Vermont, and the rest is a huge mountain of success – with sprinkles on top, of course!

From the start, Ben & Jerry’s has been a company proud of its social mission to improve the communities it is located in. Ben & Jerry’s has followed through on its mission by establishing the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation – a grassroots foundation for social justice.

And now I find myself working with Ben & Jerry’s, who will be at DMA2014 in San Diego. On Sunday, October 26 from 2:00 to 2:45 pm, there will be a keynote speaker from Ben & Jerry’s speaking alongside of Richard Rosen from Rosen about generating honest relationships with consumers. Rob Michalak, Global Director of Social Mission will be speaking on behalf of Ben & Jerry’s about product innovation, economic profit, and social initiatives.

The keynote presentations of DMA2014 occur from Saturday, October 25 through Wednesday, October 29 and bring everyone together in one place with must-hear stores such as this one. Oh, I almost forgot- there will be Ben & Jerry’s ice cream after the keynote too!

Keep an eye out for next week’s blog posting on the Thought Leaderships Series of DMA2014!

- Venessa Trofa, Conference & Events Intern


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What’s Missing from Your Omnichannel Marketing Strategy?

The DMA Events team is thrilled to announce that Sheri Jammallo, Corporate Enterprise Segment Marketing Manager at Canon Solutions America, will be joining us at DMA2014 this fall as part of our Ask- the-Experts Roundtables! Sheri put together a spectacular sneak-peak overview of her talk that we’re excited to share with you all below. As the title of this blog post suggests, it’s all about how to optimize your omnichannel marketing strategy—something every marketer can benefit from!

If you’re interested in hearing more from Sheri, join us on Monday, October 27th from 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM for a roundtable conversation titled What’s Missing from Your Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy? Sheri will be speaking alongside Elizabeth Gooding, President of Gooding Communications Group, and both will lead the group through a discussion you won’t want to miss!

So what are you waiting for? Register for DMA2014 today!

When marketers compare the MROI of the various direct marketing channels they use the conversation tends to follow the lines of “digital versus traditional” or “online and offline” but rarely is it a true “omni-channel” discussion. One of the most overlooked channels is statement marketing, which is a critical anchor point in customer retention and cross-selling initiatives. With recent advances in full-color inkjet printing, statement marketing is poised to become one of the most cost efficient and effective tools in the marketer’s palette – particularly when used in conjunction with an overall multi-channel customer experience strategy. Come to this session to learn how statement marketing can drive value on its own, add value to other channels, and the key factors to consider when developing statement marketing initiatives.

For more information on this session, check out:

Elizabeth Gooding helps clients in highly regulated industries to optimize the designs, processes and production technology used for multi-channel communications. She conducts research on trends, technology and opportunities related to the marketing services value-chain while sharing her experience through industry white papers, blogs and speaking engagements. She is a recognized thought-leader in the optimization of transaction communications and hosts the Transpromo Professionals Network on LinkedIn and other business communications related groups. Having worked extensively with a wide spectrum of clients from print manufacturers and print service providers to in-plant printers and corporate print buyers she has a unique perspective on the application of technology to specific vertical industries and business development strategies that drive results.

Sheri Jammallo is a Corporate Enterprise Segment Marketing Manager for Canon Solutions America, with a keen focus on marketing strategies across North America in the Transactional, Direct Mail, Data-Center and In-Plant print production space. She brings with her a wealth of industry knowledge that enables her to lead field relevant go-to-market production print strategies and programs for Canon Solutions America that bring value-add to the production print customer and to the print industry.


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Stop Searching for Answers: Paid Search Debunked!

Scott Ellis— SVP of Client Solutions at Adworthy—joined us in the DMA offices last week to share his marvelous insights around the topic of, yes, you guessed it, paid search! The clip is short and sweet, but filled with valuable tips, tricks, and thoughts that will help guide you towards a more successful, beneficial search campaign.

If the clip leaves you hanging and you want more great ideas on how to optimize your paid search, be sure to join Scott at DMA2014 this fall for a session dedicated to this wildly popular topic. He’ll be speaking on Monday, October 27th from 2:45 – 3:30pm as part of the Acquisition & Lead Generation track, in a session titled Optimizing Your PPC – How Much Should You Spend?

Register for DMA2014 today to ensure you don’t miss it!

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Flash Sale: $500 off DMA2014!

When DMA2014 Group Show Director Paul McDonnough sat down to talk marketing with Starwood Hotels & Resorts Global Social Media Operations Manager Sandra Henriques, they were a force to be reckoned with. And, lucky for you, we were able to capture all that marketing prowess on camera– in the video interview above!

Block off some time to check it all out, and learn more about the hotel’s wildly successful social media campaigns and initiatives. Plus, hear about some of the core tools every marketer– including you– should be using to drive customer engagement.

Like what you hear?! Register for DMA2014 today and join close to 8,000 of your peers for more great insights like these!

As a thank you for watching, we’re extending a very special offer to you– register forDMA2014 before midnight this coming Friday July 25, and get $500 off current registration prices! Go to and enter code AN602 when prompted!

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Gone in a Flash

The DMA2014 programming team took to the streets of Manhattan this past Monday for a live talk with marketing guru Sandra Henriques– Global Social Media Operations Manager at Starwood Hotels & Resorts. 

In the 10-minute clip above, Sandra chats up a group of enthralled marketing execs, covering tips on how to ensure you’re successfully measuring content and engaging your customers.

Like what you hear?! Register for DMA2014 today and join close to 8,000 of your peers for more great insights like these!

As a thank you for watching, we’re extending a very special offer to you– register for DMA2014 before midnight this coming Friday July 25, and get $500 off current registration prices! Go to and enter code AN602 when prompted!



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