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Easy Steps to a More Creative You

When it comes to creative marketing, we always know who to turn to for the most compelling insights and best-practice tips—and it’s no other than Carol Worthington-Levy, Owner and Creative Director of Worthington-Levy Creative! Carol is leading DMA2014’s coveted Creative Post-Conference Workshop on Wednesday, October 29 and Thursday, October 30 in San Diego this fall, as well as a session in our Creative & Production track titled The Devil is in the Detail: Looking for An Advantage in your Creative.

Carol stopped by our offices recently to offer a sneak peak of what attendees can expect to learn during both of her wildly popular presentations. Take a few minutes to explore the clip above, and hear how companies can implement a new, innovative creative strategy and how verbiage and color choices impact consumer behavior.

Two outstanding presentations, only one Carol Worthington-Levy! Don’t miss your chance to hear from one of the best and brightest in the creative community.  Register  for DMA2014 today and you’ll be well on your way to a more creative you.

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Bringing your A-Game to your B2B Campaign

It’s no surprise that the rapid growth of technology has created changes, challenges, and opportunities for B2B marketers—and no one knows that better than DMA2014 speaker Ruth Stevens. As president of marketing consultancy eMarketing Strategy, Ruth has the opportunity to work with B2B marketers day-in and day-out, making her an expert on the B2B front. In the clip above, she speaks about how online buying has made it more convenient for businesses to find their desired products at the very lowest price—so where does that leave sales folks and marketers, who want to develop relationships with their customers ? More importantly, where does it leave you? Watch the video above, and learn how to bring back your customers who are now consumed by the online market.

Want more B2B tips? Join Ruth at DMA2014 this October for one—or both—of her compelling workshops! She’ll be leading our B2B Marketing Pre-Conference Workshop on Saturday, October 25th and Sunday, October 26th, examining creative strategy, integrated marketing, lead generation, campaign planning and data to increase customer engagement for the B2B marketer. She’ll also be speaking as part of our Mini-Workshop series in a session titled, Tackling the Thorniest Problems in B2B Database Marketing, on Wednesday, October 29th.

So, what are you waiting for? Register for DMA2014 today and get ready to take your B2B marketing campaign to the next level.  Register using exclusive blog discount code AN610 and get $300 off 2-day packages and above!

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Web Design 101 – Which One Is Right For You?

Choosing the best web design for your organization’s needs is no easy feat. In fact, many marketers cite it as one of the top struggles they face on the digital front.  If the multitude of web design options is stressing you out, take a deep breath and let our DMA2014 experts help clarify!

In the clip below, Matt Powell, Chief Information Officer at KBS+, and Jeff Gray, Associate Director of Technology at Spies & Assassins, team up and discuss the ins-and-outs of their DMA2014 presentation, Responsive, Adaptive, Mobile or Native? The Wonderful World of Web Design . Jeff and Matt will focus on differentiating the pros and cons of responsive, adaptive, mobile, and native web design and when each should be used. Don’t miss this highly relevant conversation on Tuesday, October 28th from 11:00 – 11:45 AM. Register for DMA2014 today so you don’t miss it!

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Affiliate Marketing Grows Up: How Reebok and Other Top Consumer Brands Reignite Their Affiliate Channel

For any brand that has not yet tapped into the full potential of affiliate marketing, we have a not-to-be-missed presentation for you!

 It’s all going down on Tuesday, October 28th from 11:00 – 11:45 AM in San Diego, in a session titled Affiliate Marketing Grows Up: How Reebok and Other Top Consumer Brands Reignited Their Affiliate Channel.

 Join Daniel Marques, Senior Online Marketing Manager at Reebok, and Robert Glazer, Founder & Managing Director of Acceleration Partners at DMA2014 as they take a deep dive into Reebok’s affiliate program overhaul. You’ll gain insight into the obstacles brands that invest in affiliate marketing face, details on the industry’s evolution, and the specific steps that top brands such as Reebok often take to ensure their performance marketing programs are profitable and deliver incremental revenue.

 Learn more about the topics that will be covered just below, and register for DMA2014 today!

Almost all retailers and consumer companies with over $1 million in sales have an affiliate program. They are a staple in the acquisition portfolio and account for about 15% of online ad revenue and spend – five times the amount of social commerce. Properly managed, affiliate programs can have an ROI among the highest of any channel.

 And yet there’s very little information out there about affiliate marketing. It’s the biggest channel no one is talking about.

 That’s because affiliate marketing acquired a bad reputation over the last decade. Many marketing managers looked under the hood of their programs and found them full of fraud, off-brand promotion, and misplaced incentives that rewarded affiliates for delivering existing, not new, customers.

 This doesn’t have to be the case though. The industry has advanced dramatically in recent years, thanks to new technology and the role the new consumer is playing online. For many top consumer brands, affiliate marketing has become a core part of their performance marketing efforts.

 The New Generation of Affiliate Marketing

 Today’s consumer is engaged, informed, and often blogging. This makes affiliate the perfect channel for tapping into online consumers who already connect with the brand and partnering with them through blogging and content development. Many companies are restructuring their affiliate programs to incentivize, support, and reward these new partners for their promotion of the company’s brand and products.

 Brands are aided in this effort by new technology. Measurement and targeted attribution models are now available to make sure that incentives are appropriately aligned. Whereas before, commissions were often paid to coupon sites and low-value affiliates that jumped into the clickstream immediately before the point of purchase, advanced attribution technology now allows programs to reward the content affiliates that do the hard work of getting new customers to the site.

 Case Study: Reebok

 A perfect example of a merchant that has taken advantage of this revolution in affiliate marketing is Reebok, which revamped its affiliate program to better reach today’s savvy consumer and bring them closer to the Reebok brand. Through its affiliate program it created close connections with consumers and rewarded partners that created value.



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Road to DMA2014: Jenny Abreu, Director, Awards & Recognition Programs

We’re on the road to DMA2014! Each week, we’ll bring you new insights leading up to the big event in San Diego. This week, Jenny Abreu, Director, Awards & Recognition Programs, shares her enthusiasm for DMA2014 award programs, including old favorites like the International ECHO™ Awards Gala & Ceremony and new launches like the DMA President’s Award for Professional Development as well as the Mike Hughes Creativity Award. Check out the DMA Advance blog for more!

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From Platform to Platform and Screen to Screen – Using the Best Channel to Drive Your Marketing Campaign

Are you using more than one platform to drive your marketing campaigns? DMA2014 speaker Paul Cushman, Chief Revenue Officer at Dstillery, stopped by our offices last week to talk about the many screens a single company or business often uses to get their messages to market. In the clip above, he explains that campaigns that neglect to consider using different screens for different target audiences are at a steep disadvantage.

Take a 3-minute break and listen-in as Paul reviews  the most impactful forms of digital advertising, and what he’s most looking forward to at DMA2014!

Register for DMA2014 today and join Paul as part of our NEW Behavior and Research track, for a panel discussion that will look at Connecting the Physical and Digital Life of the Consumer. It’s all happening on  Monday, October 27 from 2:45 pm – 3:30pm in San Diego!  The conversation will continue to address the importance of using the right device to deploy the right message to the right consumer—and will offer tips and strategies so that you can ensure you’re doing just that.


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