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Time to Get Local as DMA2013 Arrives in Chicago

Brooke Skinner, SVP of Brand Strategy at Digitas and a Chicago local, welcomed DMA2013 to Chicago today, and told us all about her panel discussion on SoMoLoCo. We spoke to her about adding commerce to SoMoLo marketing and she had some great things to say. There’s also some great tips about what to do in Chicago – and some revealing information about the marathon on Sunday – Brooke will be running! So, get in early, join us at McCormick Place and cheer on one of our own in the Chicago marathon! Good luck, Brooke, see you at DMA2013 on Tuesday!

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The Road to DMA2013 – Gina Talks Data

DMA2013 is fast approaching, and pretty soon you’ll be in Chicago rubbing elbows with industry thought-leaders and top-level companies (that is, if you’ve registered—it’s not too late!).  We’d like to bring you some sneak peeks at the staff members who work hard all year to make the show run smoothly.  Today, I sat down with Gina Scala, VP of Education here at DMA, to get her perspective on preparing for the conference.

This year, for the first time, Gina will be speaking at the show as part of the Data Governance Pre-Conference Intensive . This is the first year Data Governance will be in the mix as one of three all new intensives.

“It’s about what’s going on at the moment—and all the ways that marketers are using data,” Gina explained.  “We also talk about the issue of who owns the data.  We’re talking about being good stewards of data marketers use—how they get it, use it, store it, protect it and build trust for customers along the way.”

The Importance of Responsible Data-Use

“Data is very powerful.  With something powerful like that, there can be risk, and we, as marketers have to be aware and be careful,” Gina said — putting me in mind of the famous line, “With great power comes great responsibility,” spoken to Peter Parker (a.k.a. Spider-man) by his Uncle Ben.

The Data Governance session will also present case-studies of companies that are doing it right.  “We want to show marketers what they can do right away in terms of data governance and responsible use practices,” Gina said.  “Data governance is about more than just risk management and watching your assets; it’s also about increasing profitability by making your data work for you”

Whew!  There’s a lot to talk about with data governance—which is why if you leave that Pre-Conference Intensive thirsty for more, there’s always the Data Matters Course and Certification offered by DMA Education.

So Much to Do; So Little Time

When asked about whom she is most excited to be working with, Gina said, “I’m happy to be on the agenda with other Pre-Con presenters, people like Beth Smith and Ernan Roman,” both of whom know just how to dive deeper into topics.  “The thing about the conference is that there’s so much learning and networking to do, but there’s only so much time, and I think that attending Pre- and Post-conference sessions can give an opportunity to slow down and really drink in all this knowledge and focus on some actionable learning.”

I asked what other sessions Gina would recommend in particular for attendees.  “I think there’s a great lineup of sessions in the Data and Analytics strand of concurrent sessions,” she said.  “I think starting with a Pre-Conference workshop like Data Governance and then continuing into the Data and Analytics track is a good way to gain a lot of knowledge in this area.  Another great event to see would be the 2013 Analytics Challenge with Jigyasa Analytics and the Cleveland Clinic—it pits analytics folks against each other for a great cause.  It’s really exciting to see the challenge and the new innovative thinking that comes out of there.”

Don’t Forget to Celebrate

Finally, I asked what Gina was most looking forward to about this year’s conference.  “Every year DMA2013 brings together the best and brightest marketers into the same space—not just the speakers, but the attendees as well,” she explained, her eyes lighting up.  “And what’s amazing is just being able to be a part of the buzz and network while hearing what people are getting from the conference.  There’s the opening party, where you can grab a drink, talk with some awesome marketers and find out what everyone is doing and what they’re here to see.  I always love to round out the week with the ECHO Awards Ceremony to see the best and brightest on stage up in lights.

“The DMA Annual Conference is THE place to spotlight best practices.  In my opinion we do not celebrate marketers’ work nearly often enough – this is our week to learn, network and celebrate!”

With all her hard work on DMA’s courses and on the Data Governance intensive, Gina ought to know a thing or two about celebrating the value of learning!  She’s been working very hard alongside some amazing industry leaders and staff members to make this conference as exciting and fun as it is educational.  See for yourself! Register for DMA2013 today!

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Rising above the Noise

In less than 1 WEEK, Richard Rosen will kick off this year’s Thought Leadership Series with a presentation that looks at giving your customers what they crave. And what is that, you ask?  According to Rosen, it’s peace & quiet! Learn how to to use quiet to rise above the noise in this 45-minute “mini-keynote” module. You’ll hear all about the ROSEN Velocity ScaleTM and how you can use it to create advertising and communications that do exactly what you want them to do. Check out the clip above for more on Rosen and his work, and join him on Monday, October 14th from 1:45pm-2:30pm in room W183a for plenty more! More details on his module HERE. See you in Chicago!

Haven’t registered yet? Time is running out! Register here and enter blog code AN607 for $300 off main conference packages and above!

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Mocial is Dead – Long Live SoLoMo

Curious how mocial marketing intercepts the social conversations happening online but misses the where? Wondering how location is a fundamental layer to social marketing, crossing many platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, and Twitter?  Simon Thompson, Director of Commercial Solutions at Esri, will be at DMA2013 with the answers! Join Simon on Monday, October 14th from 12:30-1:30pm in the Exhibit Hall for his Ask-the-Expert Roundtable discussion on, you guessed it, SoLoMo! Check out this clip, which Simon put together for us, for more info on what you can expect to learn during his discussion.

Haven’t registered for DMA2013 yet? It’s not too late! We’d love to have you with us in Chicago, so click here and enter blog code AN607 for $300 off main conference packages and above!

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It’s Not Weird If It Works

We all know sports fans are an odd breed – as has been brilliantly observed in the recent Bud Light commercials. So how do you create effective marketing strategies that will appeal to them? Simple. You have to understand their behaviors – weird or not! Paul Rossetti, Nielsen’s SVP, Group Client Director, will be at DMA2013 to explain all about how you can segment to drive sales, in his session Fanalytics: Using Segmentation to Drive Ticket Sales for Sports Teams. But before we even get there, he sent along this article to give some background to the topic. Paul will be speaking on Tuesday, October 15 at 11:30am, so check it out to learn even more.

Meanwhile, if you’re there on Sunday and see someone in a beat up team jersey, hopping on one leg, while praying into their mobile phone, and you want to know if they are weird… just ask them if it worked.

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Mastering Mobile with Matt Silk

Unlocking the power of mobile messaging presents a worthwhile challenge. The mobile channels – SMS, IVR, Push, Twitter, Facebook, Passbook – return significantly more value when integrated across Marketing, Sales, Communications, Support and Operations. Seamlessly developing this requisite integration, however, requires the tactical coordination of ESPs, CRMs, traditional agencies, specialist agencies and specialist technology companies. To those companies that do succeed go the spoils: true cross-channel interactivity, the holy grail of mobile marketing and an imposing competitive advantage in a now-mobile world.

The secret to success? Viewing mobile not as a communication strategy, but as a data strategy. Schedule time to meet with DMA2013 Guru Matt Silk, CMO of Waterfall Mobile, to discuss the optimal tactics for developing mobile to build customer relationships. Matt can provide a clear understanding of what cross-channel mobile messaging actually means, as well as the required steps to get there.

For those attendees new to mobile, Matt can also provide an introduction to mobile marketing. Having worked in mobile since 2005 with companies like 7-Eleven, Anheuser-Busch, Constant Contact, Electronic Arts, Merkle, NASA, Southwest Airlines, the U.S. Army and Yum! Brands, Matt can provide an insider’s perspective into where the mobile marketing industry is today, where it’s headed, and what you can do now to stay ahead of the curve. If you’re curious about what successful companies are doing to utilize mobile effectively, you are more than welcome to pick Matt’s brain and receive clear takeaways that you can integrate right away into your strategic planning process.

Matt’s Key Knowledge Areas:

1.     How to navigate and extract value from each link in the mobile marketing value chain
2.     How to use data to build mobile campaigns that personally engage customers in a two-way conversation
3.     How to develop mobile messaging scale economies across departments that will immediately bump bottom-line return

To learn more about Waterfall Mobile, visit their blog here:!

And for those of you who haven’t yet registered for DMA2013Register TODAY using exclusive blog code AN607 for $300 off main conference packages and above! See you in a few days!

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What’s Next in Mobile?

Mobile technology is evolving at lightening speed. How fast is it? Studies have shown that if the human race evolved at the same pace, we would all be flying unaided and the world record for the 100 meters would be down to 3.4 seconds. OK, that last part is not true, but it’s moving fast. And how do you keep up? Well, a great start would be DMA2013‘s panel discussion on the Cutting Edge of Mobile. Returning for its third year, due to its popularity, Hasan Elkomey from Mobile Fusion will lead this discussion into the now and soon-to-be in mobile with three of mobile’s foremost thinkers on Monday, October 14 at 11:15 at DMA2013. We were lucky enough to speak to Hasan about his session recently, and you can see all he has to say about in-store mobile, mobile payments, and flying unaided. Ok, not flying unaided. But check it out and then go to to add this session to your schedule so you don’t miss it!


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