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How MasterCard gets Optimized (and how you can, too)!

Wondering what a successful customized digital marketing campaign look like for today’s marketers?  DMA2014 speaker Margot Vaughan already knows, and she’s sharing her insights with you in the clip above! Margot is Group Head of MasterCard Advisors at MasterCard, and she’s leading a session as part of our Integrated Marketing & Brand Strategies track this fall, titled Get Optimized: Using Digital Media to Attract and Retain Your Best Customers.

In the interview above, Margot explains that digital spending within the financial services industry has increased double digits year over year—between 12 and 13%. In fact, nearly 90% of emails that a financial institution sends out to its customers will be opened—a percentage that many retailers cannot even achieve.

So, how can savvy marketers like you use digital to attract and retain best customers? Margot notes that you need to be looking at the fundamentals—the basic channels that are working. These often include paid search, affiliate, and social. Then, you must consider the performance of those channels on a cost per account basis and on the back end—are those channels bringing in profitable customers? Are those channels driving the customers you want over the long haul?

Check out the video for more great insights on customer engagement, and then register for DMA2014 and join Margot on Monday, October 27th from 11:00-11:45am! You’ll be well on your way to making your digital campaigns work for you!

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The Modern Reality of One-to-One

KBM Group’s CEO, Gary S. Laben, will help kick off the opening keynote presentation at DMA2014 on Monday, October 27 at 8:45am by bringing to life the conference theme, “Igniting Customer Engagement.” He’ll lead a discussion featuring executives from Air Canada and Shell and  will explore the challenges of creating highly personalized, relevant experiences for in-the-moment customer connections that resonate.

Check out the clip above in which Gary identifies three critical areas of customer engagement and encourages companies to “Think Connect.” He describes how companies need to connect data, structured and unstructured, and the insights it offers, across the organization, as well as across channels for a feedback loop that fuels agile marketing and competitive advantage. Learn more about the discussion, here!

Feel free to share this keynote preview and don’t forget to register for DMA2014!

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The Benefits of Relationship Selling in 2015 & Beyond

DMA2014 speaker Tony Coretto is Managing Director at Novantas, a top 50 financial services consulting firm based in NYC. We were lucky enough to sit down with him earlier this month to talk about the Ask-the-Experts Roundtable he’ll be leading in October, titled Relationship Selling via Integrated Multichannel Marketing Campaigns.

We asked Tony to talk to us about customer lifetime value marketing campaigns and what some of the benefits are. In the clip above, he describes that a customer travels through a company or organization in a very specific way. They start off as a prospect, learning about your services and becoming aware of what it is you offer. Essentially, they are trying you out before they become a real customer. Once they are a customer, they need to be on-boarded and activated, moving through various stages and ultimately reaching maturity, until they begin to decline as they stop using your services.

Tony and his team at Novantas believe that the most effective marketing programs are the ones that take advantage of the natural customer lifecycle, targeting the consumer with appropriate communications based on where they are in their lifecycle—rather than on a calendar-based approach (it’s January so we’ll sell you what we sell to everybody in January).

We covered a whole lot in the five-minute clip above, but there’ll be even more great insights from Tony during his lunchtime Roundtable on Monday, October 27 from 12:30-1:30 PM in the Exhibit Hall. Not registered for DMA2014 yet? What are you waiting for? Get to it and reserve your spot today!

We’ll see you and Tony in sunny San Diego in just a few short weeks!

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Dynamic Consumer Engagement: What CMOs can learn from Volkswagen’s successful China strategy

Stephan Horvath is Global CMO at HackerAgency, and he’s joining us this October at DMA2014 for a special Big Picture presentation that we couldn’t be more excited about! Stephan will co-present alongside Volkswagen Brand China’s Digital Marketing leader, Oliver Wolter.

The two will take a deep dive look into how the leading automotive brand leverages its marketing strategy in China, with tips and stats that you can use to change up your marketing plan for the better. Check out the post below that Stephan put together for us, and don’t miss the opportunity to learn even more from Volkswagen’s success by joining us on Tuesday, October 28 at 2:00pm for Microsegmenting the Megamarket: What We Can Learn from the Biggest, Fastest, Hungriest Market in the Universe.

Not registered for DMA2014 yet? No problem! Register today using discount code AN610 and get $300 off 2-day packages and above!

Quick. What’s the leading automotive brand in China – the world’s largest car market?

Did you guess Volkswagen?

In 2013, Volkswagen sold more than 3 million cars in China. Last year it beat General Motors as the top foreign auto maker there.

VW has a long history in China that has helped make it one of the country’s most beloved brands. Its localization strategy is one key factor. In addition to vehicles sold elsewhere in the world, VW offers cars specially modified for Chinese customers (with a long wheelbase, for example) and models developed exclusively for Chinese markets.

VW’s marketing strategy is custom fit to the Chinese market, as well. But that doesn’t mean we can’t learn a few things that are applicable elsewhere in the world.

Think digital connections. With a population of more than 1.3 billion, China has 1.1 billion mobile subscribers. That’s 82% penetration. To sell 3 million cars per year, you don’t have to look further for media outlets.

A great digital CRM strategy can help with everything from targeting to lead generation, prospect nurturing, direct sales and loyalty.

Segment as precisely as possible to better understand your customer. With a huge population, you need to break off bite-size chunks.

You may think you know personas – but until you’ve worked with a database of hundreds of millions of Internet users, you have no idea how detailed you can get. The meticulous portraits we can paint from the data become almost real to us.

Data is behavioral, transactional and self-reported. It’s collected from social sites, from marketing campaigns and, if they are VW owners, data could even be collected from their cars.

With a deep analysis of consumer profiles, we have the opportunity to create predictive models and move leads from “brand engagers” to “car-buying intenders.”

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How Location Intelligence Tools Will Reinvent Direct Marketing

Bill Borrelle is SVP of Brand Strategy and Integrated Marketing Communications at Pitney Bowes, and he’s leading a very special Fast Forward session on Monday, October 27 this fall titled Contextual Marketing 2014: The Power of Location Intelligence Data. Check out his post below for a sneak- peek of what’s to come from Bill in San Diego!

Back when Lester Wunderman was a child, long before he came to be regarded as the Father of Direct Marketing, he observed just how personal the shopping experience could be. When growing up, the neighborhood butcher would always remember his name and his mother’s usual order, Wunderman recalled in a 2008 interview.

Mass media and mass marketing has changed all that. Instead of conversing face-to-face with local merchants, as Wunderman did, consumers today are practically deafened by whitewashed marketing noise.

What would Wunderman say about that? Well, he already shared his opinion, back in 1967. He gave a speech at MIT about the value of removing intermediaries from the two-way, interactive dialogue that he believed should exist between customers and companies. Wunderman continued to teach these direct marketing principles for years, his life’s work culminating in 1997’s “Being Direct” – a must-read for marketers.

Today, the lessons of “Being Direct” resonate even more. Wunderman said in the 2008 interview that data and technology have helped businesses to recapture the same “warmth” of the personal interactions he and his mother shared with their butcher – warmth that Wunderman says has not always existed in advertising.

Given the current landscape, there really is no better time for marketers to be direct, and to cut through all the noise. Thanks to location intelligence and contextual marketing technology, companies can now tap into knowledge of where their customers are, what their preferences are, and then market directly to them.

Direct’s New Direction

In an effort to shout the loudest – through a flurry of tweets, emails, online banners, billboards and radio – companies today have caused many consumers to tune them out. Even worse, one in five U.S. consumers said they would stop using a product or service if they received too many promotional messages for it.

But, what if companies could give customers relevant deals and offers based on real-time knowledge of their location, as well as contextual information about them, gathered from their social media posts and mobile devices? Imagine if someone walking around town tweeted that he could use a coffee, and then a café chain sent him a coupon to be redeemed at the storefront closest to him at that moment.

Is there a better example of being direct?

In a world where marketers use location and contextual information, customers would be more likely to listen to messages from their favorite companies, instead of tuning them out. What customers really want are relevant messages, and they’re willing to help companies help them. Remember, nearly two-thirds of consumers opt in to location sharing, and 51 percent allow push notifications for proximity-triggered messages. This desire of customers to be spoken to directly really isn’t any different than it was when Wunderman and his mother walked into that butcher shop decades ago.

Together, location intelligence and contextual marketing aren’t just the latest evolution of marketers being direct – they’re setting the course for direct’s new direction.

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Trust, Transparency, and (Ben & Jerry’s) Ice Cream!

As President of ROSEN Convergence Marketing, a certified B Corporation, Richard Rosen is no stranger to DMA’s Annual Conference & Exhibition. But this year, he’s bringing Ben & Jerry’s with him, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Richard and Rob Michalak, Global Director of Social Mission at Ben & Jerry’s, are leading DMA2014’s Sunday afternoon Keynote presentation from 2:00-2:45 PM, all about Trust, Transparency, and Ice Cream: Using Business as a Force for Good. Richard was recently featured in one of Global Marketing Association’s articles, titled Winning Customers’ Hearts and Minds – The Pathway to Profits. Check it out and get a better sense of what customers are looking for in today’s consumer-driven market, and how you can ensure your brand stands out amongst the crowd. Then, join Richard and Rob onsite at DMA2014 for a riveting discussion that will bring those ideas and insights to life! 

But wait, it gets better…! Join us immediately after their presentation for the Grand Opening of the Exhibit Hall and a special Ice Cream Social featuring, you guessed it, FREE Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. Register for DMA2014 today using exclusive blog discount code AN610 to get $300 off 2-day packages and above! Trust us, you don’t want to miss a second of all the learning, networking, and fun that’s about to ensue in San Diego!

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Mary Teahan talks DMA En Español!

The DMA2014 programming team is excited to announce that we’re bringing back the wildly popular DMA En Español series at DMA2014 this October!

DMA en Español is a special program for our Spanish-speaking attendees, with the latest academic and practical material on direct, digital and data-driven marketing in Spain and Latin America. Mary Teahan, Honorary President of the AMDIA in Argentina, spent some time in the DMA offices recently, explaining the details of this very special conference segment, which she’ll be speaking at. The program includes five sessions that run from Sunday, October 26 through Tuesday, October 28 and features some major global brands, including executives from L’Oreal and Ebay.

Learn more about this unique offering on our website here. And, of course, don’t forget to register for DMA2014! If you enter discount code AN610 on our registration page, you’ll save $300 on 2-day packages and above!


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