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SoLoMo and the Human Experience—Brian Solis Makes the Connection

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Is your company ready to make use of SoLoMo?  Brian Solis, Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group, has some advice for you. In a recent blog post, Brian identifies what he calls the ‘human algorithm’—the undercurrent of human ideas and human behavior that infuses the data gathered from SoLoMo sources—Social, Local, and Mobile.  These sources are, in essence, human behavior itself: from social media, which people use every day to converse, share experiences, and build relationships, to localized search results which use people’s locations to adapt their internet experiences, to mobile, which enables all of these interactions more readily.

All of the data-crunching software and algorithms in the world won’t help us assess the true value and applicability of all this data, Brian argues, if we don’t also remember the value of the human algorithm—of having people who can understand and communicate, and apply the data internally and externally in ways that a set of numbers might not be able to tell.  As Brian says in his post, “Someone has to be on the other side of data to interpret it beyond routine.”  Check out the full assessment here on Brian’s blog.

After you finish reading that, remember what you’ve just read about the value of the human touch, and plan to attend Brian’s DMA2013 Thought Leadership Series session, “Experience is Everything: How Shared Experiences Will Drive the Future of Business,” on Monday, October 14, from 1:45pm to 2:30pm.  In this session, Brian will talk about how the future of business depends on understanding customers more intimately than ever, using the data generated by our technological, connected lifestyles.

This new generation of connected consumers means that businesses need to change their tactics and the way they think about products and services—people are no longer searching for products, but for shared experiences.  We all want to connect with one another!  So connect with Brian and gain more insights on that essential human factor by registering for DMA2013 TODAY! Plus, use official blog code AN606 and get $300 off 3-Day Main Conference packages and above!

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